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Start today with our hands-on Google Tag Manager Workshop.

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Learn how to use Google Tag Manager to manage your tracking tags and collect custom data based on user interactions. This workshop is hands-on and you will be tasked with integrating Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics in a live environment.

In this 1-day classroom workshop, you'll:

  • Configure & implement Google Tag Manager
  • Create typical tags to measure events, transaction, downloads and more.
  • Test your tags and using environments
  • Diagnosing issues with your tags and triggers

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Use best practices for configuring Google Tag Manager
  • Measure custom interactions, including clicks and scrolling
  • Understand and use the Data Layer
  • Understand advanced Google Tag Manager concepts
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This workshop is made for you.

The result of 10+ years of consulting, lecturing, mentoring and group training. This workshop has been
completely tailored for those who want to learn how Google Tag Manager compliments Google Analytics and more.


Marketing specialists who are using tags or tracking pixels, or are either using or consider Google Tag Manager.

Developers & Designers

Designers or developers who are responsible for implementation of advertising, analytics and tagging.


Anyone using Google Analytics on their website, who wants to implement a better solution.

Why choose this workshop?

Cutting through the complexity around Google Tag Manager, this workshop
gives youa a test environment to work with typical tag scenarios

Live workshop environment

Each workshop is small, intimate and completely hands-on. Google Tag Manager has a learning curve that makes theory driven classes unproductive. This workshop is completely tailored to small groups

Learn how to correctly implement and use Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics Screenshot
Marketing Analytics Insight

Designed for new users

Google Tag Manager can seem like a completely different world to Google Analaytics, but they interact and compliment each other. We've taken hundreds of hours worth of consulting work to create a workshop perfect for first time users.

Over 10+ years digital marketing experience squeezed into every class

Small intimate class size

Wedged in a room with 30 other people might work for some, but it's not for us and probably not for you either. You work and learn best in small groups. This gives you the freedom to interact and gain a real understanding of the material. We know this works best for both you and us.

Each workshop group will be no more than 8 people.


Ongoing coaching support

It’s hard to ask all the right questions while you’re in class. After your workshop, you’ll be able to speak directly with your trainer during scheduled “Office Hours” so you can get expert feedback on how to improve any aspect of your analytics work.

You will have access to follow-up sessions after the workshop finishes.

Delicious lunches & snacks

You can barely function when you're hungry. We want you to be comfortable and ready to learn. No-one goes hungry on this workshop, and there's no need to worry about where you're eating and having to rush.

Fill up with a tasty breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks while on your journey to becoming a data-driven genius.


More Benefits of taking this workshop

This one-day workshop will arm you with the practical knowledge and skills you need to
impliment Google Tag Manager without technical resources.

Competitive Advantage

You’ll been able to move quicker without involving as many IT requests.

Expert led training

Your trainer has over a decade of success with data-driven marketing analytics.

Technical Insight

Designed to provide the technical know-how for expert Google Tag Manager implementation and configuration.

Training Experience

Each classroom is modern, bright and easy to find training locations with lots of healthy food to keep you going.

workshop Notes

Notes are yours to keep, You'll take away cheat sheets, guides and how-to's to follow at your own pace.

Get certified

You'll receive a certificate of completion for this workshop, as well as the confidence to undertake future Google Tag Manager certifications.

Get your hands dirty with Google Tag Manager

Prepare for a full day of discussion from some of the web's best and brightest.

  • Morning

    Introduction & live demo

    Each attendee will be given access to our custom sandbox website and environment where they can practice implementing Google Analytics, as well as adding custom event tracking, experiment with new concepts and configure Google Tag Manager without the worry of breaking anything.

  • Afternoon

    Hands-on experimentation & help

    Each attendee will be tasked with various scenarios to configure for in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. You will be given assistance as required and will be encouraged to work through a solution.

  • Post Workshop

    Practical usage

    Armed with your new found ability in Google Tag Manager, you will be encouraged to apply this to your own website. Each attendee will have access to an expert after the course to discuss any area to ensure they are comfortable.

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"Headache saver"

"If you're looking for a quick handle on best practices for configuring your google analytics then this is your stop. The time spent on this workshop will save you hours and headaches down the road."

Terry Reilly
Data Analyst at Pramerica

"Highly recommended"

"Barry showed us the data that really matters in Google Analytics. I now know how to track a campaign from start to finish. Barry is a master of analytics and would highly recommend."

Melissa O'Connor
Digital Marketing at Tenego Partnering

"Very intuitive"

"Whether you're an experienced analytics user, or a complete newbie, Barry explains everything in a very intuitive way that means even the most complex topics are easily covered. "

DC Cahalane
VP Growth & Marketing at Teamwork.com

"Focused and relevant"

"This course is focused and relevant. Barry will give you the tools to jump into the Google analytics world with a focus on the aspects which are relevant for your specific business goals."

Gale Wilson
Head of Marketing at Light House Cinema

"Easier and better way"

"Anybody using Google Analytics needs to do this course to find easier and better ways to analyse data!"

Gillian Ryan
BIOVIA Marketing Executive at
Dassault Systèmes

"Do this masterclass!"

"Ask yourself, What value have I delivered as a marketer in the last 12 months? If your answer is more along the lines of 'brand strategy' rather than an actual quantifiable number, then you need to be on this NOW."

Connor Keppel
Head of Marketing at Phorest

You'll be in good company

Here are some of the fine companies that we have helped deliver training with.

Your Trainer

Barry Hand - Data & Analytics Expert

Through data-driven marketing, Barry helps businesses measure their marketing activity, determine where the growth opportunities are and then implement a gameplan to make it happen.

He is a senior-level, digital strategy and eCommerce leader with a blend of marketing and technology experience and expertise.

Training Style

In each classroom session, Barry draws upon a wide range of development and marketing experience to position Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics within a real-world business and marketing context.

/ barryhand

/ @barryhand


Start your journey to Google Tag Manager mastery.

The result of 10+ years experience, this intensive 1-day workshop covers the full analytics journey from planning measurement and data collection through to the practicalities of analysing, optimising and predicting behaviour.

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Small class size
Post training sessions
1-day workshop

Per Seat

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There is a maximum of 8 people in each workshop training day.

Google Analytics Training
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Dublin The Westbury February 23 Sold out
Dublin The Westbury May 11 Sold out
Dublin The Westbury July 13 Sold out
Dublin The Westbury September 14 Sold out
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If you are intersted in receiving this course in-house, or alternative payment methods - please email [email protected]


You have questions, we have answers

Is this workshop for me?

Are you working in marketing, or responsible for the marketing activity of your business? If you've got a website and are already using Google Analytics, this workshop is for you.

What if I'm not a marketer?

If you're in a startup, small business owner, designer, developer or doing a bit of everything - Let's talk and see if there's a good fit. Send an email to [email protected] and we'll setup a call.

What if I don't have Google Tag Manager set up yet?

Perfect, you won't have any bad habits then. This workshop will help you plan and implement Google Tag Manager correctly.

Is this different from other workshops?

It sure is! This is a hands-on small group training completely dedicated to help you understand Google Tag Manager and is completely focused on practical usage. Where other courses focus on giving you an 3-hour overview, we completely immerse you in Google Tag Manager and actively work with you to provide as much value as possible.

Do I need a laptop?

Yes - You will be applying what you learn in this workshop, in the class. We've got fast wifi internet access to help you too.

What's the story with the food?

We've got your back (and belly), each day there will be a light breakfast (think pastries and fruit), a proper lunch, and lots of drinks and snacks during the day.

Is it safe to book online?

Yup - this site is secure, and our bookings are powered by Tito and Stripe.

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop is one full day, starts at 9.00am and finishes at 5.00pm with breaks inbetween. We recommend arriving before 9.00am to get setup and ready to rock.

Can I raise an invoice and pay that way?

Sure thing, drop an email to with your dates [email protected]. Your place is not secured until payment is received though.

Still have questions? Email Barry [email protected]